The Spatial Times March 2024

April 4, 2024

Read about virtual try-ons, fake OOH and the future of generative AI for video creation.


Welcome to this second edition of the Spatial Times.

This month, we're focusing on virtual try-ons and the power of video, whether it be AI generated clips or wannabe AR campaigns, that are shared as if they were actually filmed through a phone.

Read our CSO's take on Fake Out Of Home AR experiences and learn how these could be made for real, and check out Wired's Steven Levy's thoughts on OpenAI's Sora.

Also, learn how to create smooth transitions in the Hololink Editor.

The Front Page

Insights from the world of Spatial Computing and AR

Virtual Try-Ons Reduce Returns in Ecommerce

The folks at PYMNTS have looked at the impact of virtual try-on using AR and have interviewed Wayne Liu of Perfect Corp, who works with AI-driven AR within beauty technology.

Learn how and why virtual try-on might be the perfect choice for you or your clients by reading the article here.

The Future of Movie Making?

Another day, another crazy new piece of content-generating AI tech. We’ve been making bets on when you’ll go to Netflix to generate movies, not just to watch them. Up until recently, we’ve been saying it’ll take more than 10 years. OpenAI’s new video-generating AI, Sora, makes it look more like 2-3 years.

Wired's Steven Levy has written an interesting piece about Sora. Read it here.

Comic Section

Artificially Augmented Fun

But be aware, although it looks funny, AI generated video won't be a laughing matter for long.

Business Cases

Amazing stuff built by Hololink Editor users

If you think augmented reality is only for flashy marketing campaigns, then think again.

In our latest case study, Andel, one of Denmarks largest electricity transmission companies, used Hololink to create a captivating AR experience to explain a novel approach to electricity grids as part of an internal communications project.

Read the case study here.

Inspiring Entertainment

AR Example of the day

As we’ve mentioned above, virtual try-ons are hot and well worth the investment. For those of you who have snapchat, try this snap lens on for size to see what you’d look like in a Gorillaz hoodie.

Or click here if you're reading this on your phone.


Hololink News

At Hololink, we want to deliver high value at a reasonable price for user's of our AR Editor. We recently lowered the prices, and now we've introduced a free trial for all users. This means that all new users will get a 30-day free trial starting from when they sign up.

Existing users get a free trial that started on the 1st of March.

After the free trial ends, you’ll get a choice to sign up for one of our paid plans, starting at €129/month. If you decide not to sign up for a paid plan, you’ll lose access to your projects, but you’ll be welcome back anytime. We won’t delete your projects unless you specifically ask us to.

And, if you need an extended trial for a specific project, or you're looking for an educational license, don't worry. Just reply write to us at, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Blog

Updates from the Hololink Blog

If you’ve seen videos of giant Maybelline mascara lashes in the subway, Big Ben wearing a North Face jacket, or a Barbie doll next to the world's largest building, you’ve experienced a Fake out of home campaign. But are these viral CGI-generated videos the beginning of a new creative era or just a fading TikTok trend? Here’s our take.

Editor Feature

New feature in the Hololink Editor

Switching scenes will now be smoother than ever with our newest feature, which lets you add a smooth transition by fading to any color you like. Like in the example below that we’ve created for Wolt.

Learn how to use the transition feature by clicking here.

Hot Tip

Become a Hololink Editor pro

If you're in a hurry to create some transitions in the editor and you don't want to read the tutorial, just try adding a transition to any scene change, as shown below.

You can add transitions to any button click, object click or any automatic scene change in the Hololink editor.

That's all the inspiration we have for you this month. Get in touch if you have questions or suggestions and be sure to open the newsletter next month to learn more about the spatial world of AR and AI.

Have a great day

The Hololink Team

Jens, PM @ Hololink

Read about virtual try-ons, fake OOH and the future of generative AI for video creation.


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