The Spatial Times May 2024

The Spatial Times - 1 Up your AR Creations with Gamification!


This month we’ll be looking into Gamification as a way of enhancing your Hololinks.

Whether you’re creating for a marketing agency, for a museum or want to craft great learning or on-boarding experiences, gamifying your experiences may be just the thing you need to get those extra bonus points that will take you and your client to the next level.

Scroll down to read our blog post on the essential strategies to use when designing a gamified experience. Also; Learn about gamification design for museums, discover how some top brands have used gamification and what to remember when gamifying your experience.

We’re also sharing a business case from when we created a series of AR games for Experimentarium in Copenhagen.

And more… Read on to level up on your wisdom!

The Front Page

Insights from the world of gamification

Gamification image from Arts Management & Technology

Yuxin Du from Arts Management & Technology Laboratory in Pittsburgh, PA, has written this nice piece about gamification in museums. It touches on both digital and analog experiences and touches on some important points about user-centricity in designing for these types of venues.

Read the article here:

And if you want to see some examples of big brands using gamification, this next article is a good reference. It shows how brands like Nike, Domino's and Coca-Cola have utilised game mechanics in marketing campaigns. Short, but well worth the 3-5 minutes you’ll use to read it.

Check it out and see the list here:


And before you go deeper into starting your first gamified campaign, this short LinkedIn article about where you could go wrong by Montgomery Singman is a worthwhile 3-minute read:

Read it here:

Comic Section

Fun & Games

Remember to never underestimate your users when creating a gamified challenge 😅

Mouse in one-line maze

Business Cases

Amazing stuff built by Hololink Editor users

Hololink + Experimentarium image

This month, we’ll once again be featuring in-house work by the Hololink team, with this case study from a series of e-learning AR games that we designed and developed for Experimentarium in Copenhagen back in 2022.

The metrics show how AR and museums can be a perfect fit.

Read the case study here:

Inspiring Entertainment

AR Example of the day

NASA has created a very nice webXR experience, allowing you to see the surface of Mars, as seen by the rover Perseverance. It’s not a game, but it is a great learning experience, and it features panoramic photographs of the surface of Mars with narration by a NASA scientist.

Click here:

Or scan the QR code to try it:

QR code for Nasa Mars webXR experience

The Blog

Updates from the Hololink Blog

Gamification in AR image, created by Jens Bäckvall

We’ve written a blog post, going through the best strategies to use when designing a gamified AR experience.

It’s a 5-10 minute read, but you’ll be going back to it for reference for a long time. We promise.

Learn more about gamification here:

Editor Feature

New feature in the Hololink Editor

48 hour preview

We've changed the preview time limit from 2 hours to 48 hours.

We want to give those of you who have many potential clients, but are on a limited subscription, a chance to share previews that are live for longer, so that you can pitch to multiple clients at once.

And if you're just trying out our editor, you'll a chance to showcase and pitch your ideas.

So now you can share your creations for longer, even if you aren’t on a paid plan, or if you only have a limited number of live Hololinks available.

Just remember to let the receiver know when the preview url or QR code runs out.😉

Hot Tip

Become a Hololink Editor pro

Soundtrack & Audio

gif showing where to add a soundtrack to your Hololink

Did you know that you can add audio tracks to individual scenes as well as adding a general soundtrack to the entire Hololink?

Why not try creating experiences with a backing track and avatars giving verbal hints, telling a story or asking questions in each scene throughout the experience?

You can read more about using soundtracks and audio in the help article here:

That's all for this this edition of the Spatial Times.

Hopefully you've been inspired to start designing your first gamified augmented reality experience.

Get in touch if you have questions or suggestions and be sure to open the newsletter next month to learn more.

Have a wonderful day

The Hololink Team

Jens, PM @ Hololink

The Spatial Times - 1 Up your AR Creations with Gamification!


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