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Augmented reality

made accessible

Create interactive augmented reality experiences without coding, and share them as websites instead of apps. 

A new mass medium

Augmented reality is a technology that puts a digital layer on top of the real world, through the camera of any smartphone or tablet. With augmented reality, books magazines and even entire billboards can come alive, virtual characters can lead you around museums or tourist attractions and anything can be seen as 3D holograms. 

Turn any printed surface into an interactive media channel

Why use Hololink?

No coding skills needed

Create interactive experiences with 3D content, animations, characters, sound and more, without writing a single line of code. 

No coding


Anyone can create engaging, interactive AR experiences with our drag 'n drop web based editor.

Completely web-based

Test, share and update instantly with the click of a button from any computer. 

No need to download apps

AR experiences created with the  Hololink platform are accessible in only 3 clicks on any smartphone, through the built in web browser. 

Want to be one of the first to use Hololink?

Our mission is to democratize augmented reality. By requesting early acces, you'll be part of kickstarting this movement.

Use cases




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The impact of AR


100 million consumers globally will purchase products using AR either online or in stores by 2020


Augmented reality has 45% higher engagement rate than TV


67% of media planners and buyers want AR/VR ads in digital marketing campaigns 

Be first

Be among the first to start utilizing the powers of the revolutionary Hololink platform

  • Early access to the Hololink platform

  • Pricing discounts

  • Be part of the process and influence new features, development and user interface

  • Assistance with creating your first AR experience