The Spatial Times April 2024

The Hololink newsletter for April 2024, focusing on generative AI for asset creation, as well as our new surface tracking feature.


In this edition of the Spatial Times, we’re diving into generative AI tools for creating assets that will make your creations pop, and make your client and your wallet happy at the same time.

But naturally, the rise of generative AI has fueled fears of the death of creativity, as well as understandable feuds over the source of the material that the AI’s have been trained on.

We’re sharing some fascinating articles about these fears, and why they don’t have to be true.

Further down you’ll find a comprehensive review of the many Generative AI tools that we use at Hololink for creating assets that shine, including links, prices and why we use them.

And we're introducing a new surface tracking feature. Learn how to create stunning experiences like the one created by Blackjack Promotions, featured in this newsletter.

Read on!

The Front Page

Insights from the world of Generative AI

As mentioned, many people fear that generative AI could kill human creativity as we know it. Cameron Shackell has written a fascinating piece in The Conversation about this (spoiler: it could, but not if we play our cards right).

Read the article at The Conversation

And Actually, generative AI could go the other way!

The 4 authors of an exciting (and quite long) article from the Harvard Business Review give compelling arguments, along with interesting examples of how they have used AI to supercharge ideation processes.

Read the article from Harvard Business Review

Comic Section

Artificially Augmented Fun

If you’re still wondering whether letting an AI be a part of the creation process can be detrimental to your job security, remember this classic meme:

Business Cases

Amazing stuff built by Hololink Editor users

In this edition we’re showcasing one of the Hololink team’s creations, which was created for the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture 2023, which was awarded to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

This Hololink experience was visited by over 2.500 people during the first 3 months and was used as a virtual gateway to real life adventures in and around important architectural landmarks in the City.

Read the Case Study here

Inspiring Entertainment

AR Example of the day

This time, we’ve got a simple AR game for you, that you can recreate yourself in the Hololink Editor, by simply clicking the 360 Object Capture Game in the Examples section.

All of the assets in this game, including the music, have been created with generative AI tools mentioned in the blog-post below. Although we had to do some extra work on the soda-can, to make it clear and simple.

Scan the QR code:

Or click here if you're reading this on your phone

The Blog

Updates from the Hololink Blog

Our PM Jens Bäckvall has taken a long hard look at all of the generative AI tools that we use at Hololink, along with some that we haven’t used yet, but are eager to try.

The result is an article introducing you to 16 different tools. Whether you have heard of the tools or not, we feel sure that you can learn something and use them to optimise your creation flow.

Check out the blog post here

Editor Feature

New feature in the Hololink Editor

We have added a new, simple Surface Tracking scene type to the Hololink Editor, enabling you to showcase virtual objects in your audience’s real environment.

And Richard Quinn of Blackjack Promotions has used the surface tracking feature to create a truly epic whisky experience, that can be accessed at Heathrow, Edinburgh and Glasgow Airport.

You can try it at home, by scanning the QR code below, or by tapping on the image below (it's very big, so try it outdoors or in a very big indoor space):

Why not try creating surface tracking experiences of your own in our editor? A good start is to read this tutorial.

Hot Tip

Become a Hololink Editor pro

Annotations are a great way of making educational or instructional content more immersive, and you may have wondered “why can’t I add several annotations to a single object”. Luckily, the answer to that is “YOU CAN!”

Check out the video below:

Bonus Webinar Recording

And an extra bonus; A couple of months ago our CSO Lucas held a webinar on generative AI that you can watch on LinkedIn.

Thank you all for reading. We hope that it's been as inspiring for you to read this as it was for us to research and write it.

Get in touch if you have questions or suggestions and be sure to open the newsletter next month to learn more about the spatial world of AR and AI.

Have a great day

The Hololink Team

Jens, PM @ Hololink

The Hololink newsletter for April 2024, focusing on generative AI for asset creation, as well as our new surface tracking feature.


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