The Spatial Times February 2024

Introducing the spatial times, new Hololink CEO Niels Østergaard, new website and our take on the Apple VIsion Pro


Today Hololink is introducing The Spatial Times, bringing you news, tips, tricks and fun facts from the global Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing community.

And the newsletter isn’t all that’s new. In this edition you’ll learn about our new CEO, check out our new landing page and read about our take on the Apple Vision Pro.

Also, learn how Blackjack promotions used Hololink for an AR treasure hunt in Stansted airport, and more. Enjoy!

Comic Section

A jokester who doesn't mind sharing...

Midjourney generated image of woman's face wearing strange computer-spectacles
Macbook on your face = Facebook?

You’ve probably heard that Apple has introduced a new headset to kickstart the era of Spatial Computing. It’s sort of like a Macbook that you can attach to your face. The natural name for such a device would be The Facebook… but that name feels vaguely familiar 🤔😂

Business - Inspiring AR Campaigns

Amazing stuff built by Hololink editor users

Richard Quinn at Blackjack Promotions has done it again. Leveraging the power of the Hololink Editor, he has created a fun and captivating treasure hunt that ran at Stansted airport this past Christmas. With 236 unique viewers in only 7 days and an average dwell time of more than 2 minutes, it was a resounding success.

Read the Case Study here

Editorial - Hololink News

New CEO & CSO at Hololink

CSO Lucas Nyggard & new CEO Niels Østergaard

Big things have happened at Hololink headquarters, the biggest of which being that we’re welcoming a new CEO, Niels Østergaard, on board. Niels has worked with AR/VR for over 20 years and was previously the creative director and director at Adesso Denmark and Purple Scout.

Our Co-founder Lucas has decided to step down from the position as CEO, to focus on business development and partnerships as Chief Strategy Officer. Read more about Niels and Lucas transition here.

Other News

Hololink's launches new website

image of the hero section of the hololink website
Mobile view of the new website

We’ve updated our website, introducing you to all of the great things that Hololink can do for you, from developing custom AR solutions, to generating higher turn-over using immersive virtual showrooms and helping you create your own experiences with our intuitive editor.

The Frontpage - Spatial News

Our CSO's take on Apple Vision Pro

It’s on everybody’s lips and minds these days; Apple Vision Pro. Is it a VR headset to rule them all, or a completely new product category? What does it do, is anyone gonna buy it and is it the “iPhone moment” of VR and AR?

Apple Vision Pro

Read our Chief Strategy Officer, Lucas Nygaard’s take on why we’re excited, but also sceptical...

Entertainment - AR example of the day

Try to play Master Blaster on you mobile

Did you know that we create custom immersive games at Hololink. Try this one that we created for Norwegian company Master Blaster. The high score is almost 20.000. Can you beat it? Scan the QR code or click here to play.

QR code for the Master Blaster AR Game

That’s all for now. We’re looking forward to bringing you more news from the world of spatial computing next time.

Have a great day

The Hololink Team

Lucas, CSO @ Hololink

Introducing the spatial times, new Hololink CEO Niels Østergaard, new website and our take on the Apple VIsion Pro


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