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Quick Tip Videos

Add Video to a Scene

Learn how to add video to a scene.

Add a 3D Model

Learn how to add a 3D model to your Hololink

Create a New Hololink

Learn how to create a new hololink

Preview a Hololink

Learn how to preview your Hololink creations

Replace the Image Target

Learn How to replace the image target in an image tracking scene.


Learn how to set fade in/out between two scenes.

Undo & Redo

Learn where the undo and redo buttons are in the Hololink editor.

Zoom & Pan the Storyboard

Learn how to zoom, pan and reset the starting position of the storyboard.

Video Series

Create an Image Tracking Hololink

Learn how to set up an image tracking Hololink with target and content


Create an Image Tracking Hololink

  1. Create a New Hololink

    Start by creating a new Hololink. Choose the Image Tracking scene type.
  2. Add an Image Target

    Add an image target from the Hololink Library or upload one of your own. You can read about image target best practices here: https://intercom.help/hololink/en/articles/5069535-target-image-best-practices
  3. Add a 3D Model

    Add a 3D model to your scene

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