With over 60 years of combined experience with 3D, Augmented reality, virtual reality, spatial computing, computer vision, marketing, web development, metaverse, and web3, we’ve been around the block many times. 

We’ve seen hype cycles, riding waves, and been through valleys. From Magic Leap to Hololens, Oculus Rift to Apple Vision Pro, Pokémon Go to the Metaverse and back. We’ve created campaigns, events, solutions, gimmicks, and game-changers. 

We know that the rest of the world is just starting to wake up to the world that we’ve been part of for years.

We’re here to welcome and guide you, whether you’re looking to launch your first pilot or ready to take the next step into immersive marketing.

Who we Are

Hololink is built with passion and creativity in the heart of Copenhagen.

Lucas Nygaard


Tech entrepreneur, award winning ad-designer, jazz drummer and DJ. Lucas brings ideas, leadership and creativity together in a sweet mix.

Dennis Christensen

Co-founder & CTO

With over 10 years experience with AR & VR and a background in physics, Dennis has worked with games, museums, ads and more.

Niels Østergaard

CEO & Creative Director

After years as the Creative Director at Purple Scout and Adesso Denmark, Niels is now taking Hololink to a whole new level.

Jens Marsling Bäckvall

PM & Creative Force

With 5 years in AR/VR, 15+ years in project management and interactive art, Jens pushes both the Hololink team and our client projects to excellence.

Rasmus Rune Andersen

Senior Developer & Designer

Rasmus has taught both development and design and makes sure that both code and UX look and function perfectly.

Niklas Nisbeth

Senior Developer

Making sure that everything is strongly typed and that no threads twist themselves into an unruly knot, Niklas whips our system into AR greatness.

Let's explore Possibilities

Whether you want to explore which Creative Solution fits your client or brand, looking for a partner to make your immersive marketing dreams come true, or just curious to see our editor in action, our free 30-minute discovery call is the perfect way to start.

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