Case Study: Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt by Blackjack Promotions for World Duty Free and Smarties

January 30, 2024

With exceptional engagement metrics and a well-designed execution, this webAR treasure hunt is a perfect example of the power of webAR experiences.


This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Blackjack Promotions, World Duty Free, and Smarties, showcasing the impact of an Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt created for WebAR. The treasure hunt was deployed at Stansted Airport and Manchester Airport, garnering exceptional engagement metrics and leaving a lasting impression on participants.

Client Background: 

World Duty Free, a leading global travel retailer, and Smarties, a beloved confectionery brand, were eager to create a memorable and interactive experience for travelers passing through Stansted Airport and Manchester Airport. The primary goal was to enhance brand visibility and create a unique engagement opportunity that would captivate passengers in a meaningful way.

The Creative Concept: 

Richard Quinn, Creative Director of Blackjack Promotions was tasked with designing an AR treasure hunt that combined elements of exploration, discovery, and brand awareness. Kids and their parents used their smartphones to find hidden AR markers that reveal the code to a secret locked treasure chest.

A family scan an AR image as a part of the treasure hunt


With a playful and child-friendly design, the treasure hunt featured a series of AR markers strategically placed throughout the Duty Free area. Participants were prompted to scan the markers using their smartphones, revealing fun and engaging AR animations of 4 aquatic animals, each with their piece of the secret code.

Engagement Metrics:

200% higher dwell time compared to average webAR dwell times & more than 1000 views during the first week

The impact of the AR treasure hunt surpassed expectations in terms of engagement and dwell time. In the first week of its launch, the experience garnered almost 1000 views. Even more impressive was the average dwell time of 199 seconds per participant. This dwell time far exceeded typical engagement metrics for online ads (35-80 seconds), showcasing the captivating and immersive nature of the AR treasure hunt.

Factors Contributing to Success:


The use of Augmented Reality in a treasure hunt format added a novel and exciting dimension to the airport experience, differentiating the campaign from traditional advertising methods.

Interactive Engagement:

The interactive nature of the experience encouraged active participation, fostering a deeper connection between participants and the brands.

WebAR Accessibility:

By leveraging WebAR technology, the experience was instantly accessible to a wide audience, eliminating the need for app downloads.

Brand Integration:

The branding of World Duty Free and Smarties was clearly visible on all parts of the AR experience, ensuring that participants engaged with the brands throughout the experience.

A child opens treasure vault using the code she got during the treasure hunt


The Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt created by Blackjack Promotions for World Duty Free and Smarties stands as a testament to the power of creativity and technology in crafting impactful brand experiences. The exceptional engagement metrics, including the impressive average dwell time, reflect the success of the campaign in capturing the attention and imagination of travelers. This case study serves as an inspiring example of how brands can leverage cutting-edge technology to create memorable, interactive, and immersive marketing campaigns that resonate deeply with their target audience.

Jens Bäckvall, PM @ Hololink

With exceptional engagement metrics and a well-designed execution, this webAR treasure hunt is a perfect example of the power of webAR experiences.


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