Augmented Reality Games at Experimentarium

Hololink’s AR games at Experimentarium not only entertained but also educated thousands of visitors during the 6-month period they were active. 


In collaboration with Experimentarium in Copenhagen, Hololink embarked on an exciting project to create three captivating Augmented Reality (AR) games centered around the theme of water and conservation. The goal was to engage and entertain visitors, educate them about water-related issues, and provide an immersive experience within the museum’s exhibits.

Project Scope and Solution

Hololink set up a webApp with links to the three games, as well as a final “boss fight”. When each game was completed, they received a badge in the webApp and were given access to the next game.

The following games were all developed in-house, using Hololink’s software and image-tracking software as well as 3D models and graphic elements created by Hololink’s designer.

  1. Invasive Species Hunt:
    • Visitors were tasked with using their smartphones to track and capture virtual invasive species. When scanning the image target, local fish and invasive crabs would shoot out at the player. Their task was to catch the crabs, while avoiding the fish.
    • Surface tracking technology allowed users to interact with the AR content by pointing their devices at a specific image. The animals spawned directly from the image.
    • The game aimed to raise awareness about the impact of invasive species on aquatic ecosystems, and the importance of removing invasive species that are displacing local species and even rendering them extinct.
  2. Water Droplet Sorting Challenge:
    • Another AR game involved sorting virtual water droplets. Participant’s phones would shoot out virtual water droplets in two colours. 
    • The surface tracking software placed two virtual buckets on an image target and the players had to hit the correct bucket with the correct water droplets, getting points for sorting water correctly and losing points for mixing clean and polluted water.
    • By completing the challenge, visitors learned about water quality and the importance of responsible water usage, as well as how little it takes to contaminate clean water, if water is not treated correctly..
  3. Island Rescue Adventure:
    • In this game, players became heroes as they searched around a sinking island threatened by rising water levels. Using their smartphones, they had to save virtual people stranded on the island.
    • The players could move all around the island and had to click any human figures they saw, before water levels rose high enough to engulf the figures..
    • The game emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change that causes rising sea water levels and the displacement of millions of people worldwide.
  4. Epic Squid Monster Battle:
    • The grand finale awaited visitors in the museum lobby. A colossal black squid monster, brought to life through gyroscopic 360 tracking, flew around their heads.
    • Participants engaged in an epic battle against this mythical creature, using their devices to track its movements and defend against its attacks.
    • The monster symbolized the threats posed by climate change and the need for collective action.

Engagement Metrics

The impact of these AR games was remarkable:

  • Number of game interactions: 100.000+
  • Number of games played: 10.000+
  • Unique players: 2.500+
  • Total number of minutes spent in the games: 22.500+ 
  • Average Dwell Time: 9 minutes

The numbers are calculated according to the number of visitors who have started the games.Each player played 4 different games, and each game needs between 2 and 50 interactions to be completed, so the interaction number is on the low end of the scale, but as we don’t have the exact number, we’re playing it safe 😀. Each user spent between 30 seconds and 4 minutes with each game, giving an engagement time of up to 16 minutes for the entire experience. All times were not tracked, so the average dwell time of 9 minutes is in the lower end of the spectrum.

Visitor Feedback

Feedback from visitors highlighted the success of the project:

  • Enhanced Exploration: Participants appreciated how the AR experience led them to new corners of Experimentarium, enriching their understanding of water-related topics.
  • Gamified Visualisation: The interactive 3D visuals made people think about the issues in a light-hearted way, which made it easier to engage with the importance of taking the problems seriously and dealing with them on a global level.


Hololink’s AR games at Experimentarium not only entertained but also educated thousands of visitors during the 6-month period they were active. 

While it is unclear whether playing these games has a long lasting impact on the everyday actions of the players, it is clear that Hololink successfully conveyed important conservation messages and fostered a deeper connection between people and water-related issues.

Jens, PM @ Hololink

Hololink’s AR games at Experimentarium not only entertained but also educated thousands of visitors during the 6-month period they were active. 


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