News July 2023

Lucas Nygaard, CEO & Co-Founder @ Hololink

Did you read the news? Apple released a new flashy headset, it's really expensive and won't be available until next year. You know what's reasonably priced, available today and lets you create Augmented Reality on the web? You guessed it - Hololink!

So what's new?

We thought you'd never ask!
First, let's talk about your favourite subject - loading screens!

No, seriously, we've made some big improvements to the way you can customise the first impression of your Hololink AR experience. With the new custom branding, you can do all sorts of crazy things like adding a video, make icons spin, and... you can keep everything in your Team Library, instead of having to host it externally. We truly live in wonderful times!

Amazing! right? Well, then wait until you see our new examples:

We've added example Hololinks to our landingpage and new templates to our editor. The templates can easily be customised for any project or client by replacing the assets. Next time you pitch an AR project, you won't have to rely on mock-ups! You're welcome πŸ˜‰

The Interface editor just got facelift

As a wise man once said The future is... semi-transparent
Well, maybe not. But at least you can now make buttons semi-transparent in the interface. And you can add full screen videos for that Instagram Reel Feel 😎

Not one(!), not two(!!), but three(!!!) new features in one week

In case you missed our LinkedIn live sessions, here's a recap of what we launched recently:

Static scenes

‍Let's you create 3D scenes that the user can rotate to explore. This is great for showcasing objects or simply letting people spin the earth, like in this demo:

Location triggers

‍Let's you trigger actions, when the user enters a location, using GPS.
Like in this demo, where aeroplanes appear at a historical monument:

Location Triggers

Advanced animations

‍We like to move-it move-it...
And now any element in your Hololink can too. With advanced animations you can create animations with several key-frames while keeping a visual overview. See how in this video:

Advanced Animations

Multi-image tracking, surface tracking and soundtracks

We're currently beta testing several new features. We'd love to give you early access. Please reply to this e-mail to get access to:


Our new system for detecting several images in the same session. Perfect for treasure hunts, magazines, books or POS campaigns.

Surface tracking scenes

‍Place objects on the floor and let users explore them in full size.


‍Everything is just better with music, right?
That goes for AR too. With this feature, you can add music that plays across scenes, to make your Hololink even more immersive. Here's a cool example:

Emily's Quest Demo

By the way, all assets for this demo were made using some pretty cool AI tools. Our favourites are Skybox for 360 images, D-ID for video creation and Eleven Labs for creating lifelike voice overs. And yes, you can try them all for free!

Want access to these beta features? Just reply to this e-mail and we'll get you hooked up ✌️

That's all for now! As always, we're happy to chat about any upcoming projects you have - we can even help you create complete AR solutions, if you're in a hurry or just think using Hololink is too easy for you.

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