Hololink News November 2023

Jens, PM @Hololink

Place 3D models in your space, trigger audio at a tap of the screen & edit your interface easier than ever!

Placing 3D content in your own space is the perfect way to virtually try them out! You can now do this with our new View Model in 3D scene type.

Also, get ready to create interfaces at lightning speed⚡️! We've added the replace function to the interface, and we've made it possible for you to copy an entire interface setup from another scene.

And last, but not least, trigger any sound with any asset. Let users tap on a button, image or 3D object to start music, sounds or a voice.

View Model in 3D

Simply add the new scene type View Model in 3D to your Hololink to place a 3D object, or a collection of 3D objects, in your users' space.

placing 3d in your space gif
Two 3D objects combined

Learn all about how to use this feature here.

And see how we've used it in the critically acclaimed Backup Ukraine Hololink, by reading the Backup Ukraine Case Study

Editing the Interface Efficiently

We've added two great features to the interface editor that will make your work-flow much more efficient.

1. Copy the Interface from any other Scene

In a scene with no interface, simply click the drop down menu and choose which scene you want to copy the interface from.

2. Replace any Interface Object

You can always choose any object in your interface, and replace it with another from the libraries, or by uploading a new asset of your own.

Trigger Sounds with any Asset

You can now touch any asset to start a sound. Simply choose the behavior "Play Sound" and choose the sound you want to play. Set the volume and you're ready to go. Easy as that!

That's all for now. We look forward to seeing your creations!