Case Study: Eaaly's Augmented Reality Showcase for Gillie and Marc's "Love the Last" Sculpture

Jens Bäckvall, PM @ Hololink


Gillie and Marc, a renowned artist duo, are known for their thought-provoking sculptures that often reflect themes of unity, love, and environmental awareness. Their "Love the Last" sculpture aims to raise awareness about endangered species and the urgent need for conservation efforts as well as raising funds for WWF’s conservation efforts.

Client Objectives:

Gille and Marc sought to create a unique and immersive experience that would amplify the impact of their "I Love the Last" sculpture series. They envisioned a way to let viewers see the animals in full colour, while giving easy access to information about the sculpture and a direct link to WWF’s web-portal, where the viewers can support the conservation efforts.

Artist Marc presenting a part of the sculpture to some kids

WebAR Concept:

Lawrence Pei's AR agency, Eaaly, decided to create a simple and clear experience that adds to the sculpture without taking away focus from the real life object.

They created an animated version of the sculpture in full colour, where visitors can take a picture of themselves in front of a parade of endangered animals. Next to this parade are clear and easily recognizable links to Gillie and Marc’s web-page as well as to WWF’s donations page.

This strengthens the emotional connection between the viewer and the endangered species, driving home the urgency of conservation.

The use of WebAR makes the experience quickly and easily accessible to everyone, by simply scanning a QR code and starting the experience within seconds.

Engagement Metrics:

Over 10.000 views with 3% direct referrals to WWF donation page

The striking visuals in the AR experience engaged both young and old and to date the experience has surpassed 10.000 views and up to 100 new people visit it every day. 

The average dwell time is just under 2 minutes, which is phenomenal in today’s fast paced world, giving more than 320 hours of combined viewing of the experience.

Over 3% of users navigated from the experience to the WWF donation website.


The success of Eaaly's augmented reality showcase for Gillie and Marc's " Love the Last" sculpture series highlights the potential of WebAR to create meaningful and impactful experiences. By merging art, technology, and conservation, this collaboration demonstrated how augmented reality can effectively engage audiences, educate about important issues, and inspire action.