Case Study: Augmented Reality Experience for the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture 2023

Jens Bäckvall, PM @ Hololink


In 2023, Copenhagen was designated as the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture. To celebrate this honor and provide visitors with a unique and immersive experience, Hololink, a leading augmented reality (AR) development company, was commissioned to create an interactive AR experience. The project aims to showcase the architectural wonders of Copenhagen and enhance the visitor experience during this prestigious event, and can be viewed until the end of 2023.

Project Scope and Solution

Hololink developed an AR experience that utilises multi-marker image tracking technology. This innovative approach allows visitors to use their smartphones to access AR content by pointing them at different spots on a large map located at the Copenhagen Visitor Service in central Copenhagen. The AR content provides architectural insights and virtual tours of significant landmarks in the city.

Additionally the experience links to real-life tours leading visitors to important architectural landmarks throughout the city.

Key features of the AR experience:

  • Multi-Marker Image Tracking: Users can point their smartphones at specific markers on the map, each corresponding to a different part of the city. This triggers AR content related to the selected location.
  • Virtual Tours: Visitors can take virtual tours of architectural wonders, exploring detailed information through their smartphones.
  • Real-World Tour Guide: The AR experience seamlessly links to real-world bicycle- and pedestrian tours, guiding visitors to the actual locations featured in the virtual tours.

Engagement Metrics

The success of the AR experience was reflected in the following engagement metrics over a three-month period, during which the total dwell time was over 170 hours:

Engagement metrics during the first 3 months
  • Visitors: Over 2,500 visitors engaged with the AR experience, demonstrating its popularity and widespread appeal among tourists and architecture enthusiasts.
  • Average Dwell Time: The average dwell time per user was an impressive 4 minutes and 5 seconds, indicating that visitors were deeply engaged with the content and spent a substantial amount of time exploring the AR features.

Visitor Feedback

Visitor feedback provided valuable insights into the impact and success of the AR experience:

  • Enhanced Exploration: Visitors appreciate how the AR experience introduces and leads them to new and interesting parts of Copenhagen, enriching their exploration of the city.
  • Seamless Integration: Visitors praise the seamless integration of virtual and real-world experiences, as it makes it easier to choose which parts of the city to visit.


The augmented reality experience created by Hololink for the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture 2023 in Copenhagen has been a resounding success. With impressive engagement metrics, including more than 2,500 visitors in just three months and an average dwell time of over four minutes, it has captivated and educated visitors while leading them to explore new facets of the city's architectural heritage.

This project stands as a testament to the power of augmented reality in enhancing tourism experiences and promoting cultural and historical appreciation. It not only celebrated Copenhagen's status as the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture but also left a lasting impression on visitors, enriching their understanding and love for this magnificent city.