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Video has been the go to medium for almost 100 years. It has moved from cinemas, to TVs to smartphones. With video, we learned to create a new reality. The next mass medium will add to our current reality. And anyone with a smartphone or smart glasses with internet access will be able to add experiences to their reality. Experiences created by you, through the power of Hololink.

The mass medium to follow video and mobile, today


“The simplicity and the possibilities of Hololink are amazing. And with new features launching every month, we can't wait to explore what's next” 


—  SAP, Thomas

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Our mission is to democratize augmented reality. By requesting early acces, you'll be part of kickstarting this movement.

The impact of AR


100 million consumers globally will purchase products using AR either online or in stores by 2020


Augmented reality has 45% higher engagement rate than TV


67% of media planners and buyers want AR/VR ads in digital marketing campaigns 

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Be among the first to start utilizing the powers of the revolutionary Hololink platform

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